Reviewed On 9/21/2018 by Olga L

Mary was such a pleasure to work with! We asked her to coordinate the day of the wedding in order to manage all the vendors, guests, and transportation on the big day. She was super organized, calm, responsive, and thoughtful - both in the lead-up to the wedding, and during the actual day. I felt very comfortable leaving everything in her hands - and everything ran so smoothly and without a hitch. A huge thanks to Mary for making all the pieces come together and helping us create such a magical wedding experience!

Reviewed On 8/01/2018 by Shermi M

I know no amount of thanks will be enough for all your help in Karoon and Jennifer's wedding. Mary, you are the best wedding planner and we can't find words to express our appreciation for everything you did for us to make the wedding such a successful event. Your tenacity coupled with a calm demeanor made it more enjoyable to work with you. Once again a Huge Thank you to you and to your daughter, Tess. Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Mother of the Bride

Wedding Planner

Reviewed On 9/17/2018 by Suzanne L

We hired Mary about a month before the wedding and are so grateful we did. We were mostly done with our planning at that point, but realized we wanted to just enjoy ourselves and not worry about timing or details on the day of the wedding. We also had a few things we were blocking on, which Mary helped us almost immediately resolve. She's done so many weddings that she has both an excellent sense of "how things are usually done" AND creative solutions to your unique problems. We had a few phone calls before the wedding, a few texting conversations, a productive but efficient rehearsal dinner, and she only asked me a few questions on the day of the wedding. Everything went off smoothly. If something didn't go smoothly, I have no idea and that's perfect for me! Mary has a truly calming demeanor and knows when to take charge or step back when it comes to coordinating with vendors, family members, officiants, etc. A perk that I hadn't expected was that she becomes the go-to person between your rehearsal dinner and the wedding. This was an ENORMOUS help since I just wanted to enjoy the time and be in the moment, so I could just send any last-minute questions that people had to her :) To top it all off, you can tell that she really loves her job. She definitely teared up a few times during our wedding, and I love that she brought one of her daughters along to help the day-of - it speaks volumes about the love and care she has for her work!


Reviewed On 10/26/2018 by Jackie M

We hired Mary as our day-of coordinator, and it was one of the best decisions that we made. Mary put our minds at ease while we prepared for our wedding and when we arrived at our venue, everything was perfect. Even though we hired her just for our wedding day, she always made herself available throughout the planning process. She helped us with our vendor selection, put the ceremony order together and got everyone down the aisle, and was extremely knowledgeable about our wedding venue. She was a truly calming presence amidst the chaos that is planning a wedding. She is kind, thoughtful, and very understanding. If you're looking for a planner or coordinator, we would definitely recommend her!

Reviewed On 10/17/2017 by Dori P

Mary was a consummate professional from the very beginning. She fielded a never-ending list of questions (some about minute details) with ease, and on the rare occasion where she wanted to go back and look something up, she turned it around so quickly. All of her insight and information was always beyond helpful to us as we navigated our only daughter's wedding. She met with us at any time, and in the last two weeks, she played a key role answering many questions at any time of day to help us finalize all plans, payments and tips. We did not have a rehearsal, so we did not have her expertise at that run-through, but her presence on the day of the wedding was something that was total peace of mind for us as the hosts of the event. She ran through a large list of things to do for set-up and decorating with ease, and she sent a couple questions to us while we were getting ready that we readily answered and were addressed long before our arrival at the venue. I cannot stress enough how helpful it is to have someone right there who will handle ANYTHING that is needed hours before right through the very last clean-up is done. She facilitated so many details and kept a watchful eye on every part of the pre-ceremony, ceremony, photos, and reception. She provided us with timelines that were invaluable, and she helped us to stay on schedule so that we would not miss any part of the wonderful day. We would highly recommend Mary to handle any and all of your wedding planning needs. It is truly a gift to the parents of the bride to have someone with so much experience and expertise with you as you go through the whole process. It enabled us to plan and most importantly, ENJOY the momentous day.